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I love the work all state roofing does. Great work both personality and work wise.

Richard McCloud

Tony did my roof in Brewster Place and we love it! We now need
another roof on another home of ours and we are contacting him again.

Jonnie Wikan

I can't speak about roofing but...These guys built a bar from scratch and it matches my other countertops beautifully. They were very thorough and cleaned up every step of the way. Matched my paint and all. Super friendly, they even bought me lunch! Best guys ever, cannot recommend them enough. I am extremely happy with the work that was done. Could not be more satisfied. 10/10 would hire again.

Heather Beal

Received urgent call from a summer rental client. His wife had lost her diamond earring down bath sink. I was in Maryland and knew no one to fix this situation. Finally , we called Anthony ...whom we knew from prior emergency and construction work at our complex. This guy knows how to do any repair work ...large or small. He removed sink trap...found elusive earring and made one lady very joyous with the recovery. Rental tenant paid him and all turned out very satisfactory for all. Thank you Anthony.

Lawrence P.

We purchased our ocean front beach condo in Carolina Beach in 2016 -- the condo was part of a complex built 32 years earlier, and very little had been work done to upgrade the unit over that time. In that first year, we had both bathrooms gutted and rebuilt; plus, we had the rugs removed and replaced with all new flooring in all rooms but the two bedrooms. On recommendation from other unit owners, we contracted that work with Allstate Roofing (Anthony Gonzales), and we were sufficiently satisfied with the workmanship and price, that we contracted with Allstate again, in 2017, to replace both of the original glass sliding doors and all of the windows. Later that same year, we had Allstate build custom hurricane shutters for the two large sliding doors. And, again, based on their excellent work and pricing, we had Allstate install all new counters and cabinets in the kitchen in the spring of 2018. We would not have continued to use this same contractor, if we were not totally satisfied with their performance. On a more personal note, the kitchen upgrade occurred while my husband under went shoulder surgery, and there was a lot of personal work that was required in order to get the condo ready for our summer time renters. I asked Anthony to take care of a few extra things, simply because my husband couldn't get to them with the surgery. And, within a week, they were done! Sometimes it may take a bit longer than I would have thought...but true to his word, it gets done. And that speaks very highly of him, as well as his work.

Lou L.

After so many companies turning me down due to being overbooked or way out of my price range, Allstate roofing fixed my roof and gutters not only in a timely manner but also cleaned up after themselves and tony really worked with me on price. I would highly recommend this company 5 stars all the way.

Kimberly G.